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Welcome to StartupSpider

Combining a Startup-Community & a DataHub
We are passionate to enable a Startup Community partnering & interacting at eye level. Providing relevant data & information, we create transparency, process reliability and thereby more trust.

Investors, Crowd and Startups benefiting from...


Transparency & increased overviews

- Consolidated overviews for investors e.g. Crowd-/ Funding opportunities
- Startups find the right place for their next development step


Gain trust & process reliability

- Investors benefit from alerts, lifecycle data and updates
- Startups use the network to distribute progress updates


Interact at eye level & partnering

Join the startup journey:
- Interact with each other, engage & work together
- Beta tester, reviewer & knowledge sharing

Latest news from and for our StartupSpider-Community...

StartupSpider and daura

StartupSpider and daura co-operating by putting together their individual strength for further advance of the digitalisation of the Startup and SME Ecosystem

StartupSpider - the digital Marketplace for Startups -
daura - the digital equity platform for Switzerland – announcing their firm co-operation in the future.

User manual and videos

Since we opened in January the beta version for registration, many users and startups already registered. 

As an early joiner you may find the user manual and the videos helpful.

Knowledge sharing

On StartupSpider application we share information and knowledge e.g. "Tips&Tricks 4 startups". As not everybody has registered yet, the last two you can also download from our website.

StartupsAdvancience test userAdvancience has developed a platform to help people with neurological conditions & doctors. How to become test user01.02.2020Go to StartupSpider application
Tips&Tricks4StartupsAccident insuranceNormal terms of accident insurance "80% of paid out salary covered" - what if you do not pay out a salary? Read more...15.02.2020Link
Tips&Tricks4StartupsChecklist BCM lightThe Coronavirus-case has raised by several startups questions in regards “Business Continuity Management” (BCM / disaster recovery). We have created like a simplified checklist for Startups, which should help to get prepared
Tips&Tricks4StartupsCOVID-19COVID-19: Most vulnerable are startups in the early phase (seed)18.03.2020Link
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