with startups, founders, investors, innovation researcher... 

StartupSpider builds up a unique community platform. 
 If you are interested in what differentiates StartupSpider from others click on "THE HOW". You may also be interested in our data service. The FAQs and the user manual providing additional information. Below an overview of the most important community features.

Community related features

community profile (live)

To join the community, you must create a user profile. A user profile allows you to introduce yourself to the community (to get to know each other) and with this to exchange experience, ideas and thoughts. You define who sees what about you.

company, startup & project profile (live)

Would you like to get in contact with potential customer or investors? Tell about your innovation project, your startup or the service your company is offering (for startups, investors and innovation interested people). The door opener for community interaction and to get listed in reports - create traction.

search within the community (live)

Who is willing to test your product, has certain expert knowledge, is working on a new innovation, may help you with a question or just shares similar interests with you? 

notification (live)

You probably won't be "online" every second. Would it be interesting to see what happened since your last login?

chat (live)

Would you like to get in contact with "one ping"?

supplier overview (live)

Are you looking for a specific product or service for startups, investors or innovation interested people (from co-working space till funding platform or innovation researcher)...

"challenge"-game (not live yet)

For startups / projects: Do you have a challenge in your project / startup - a technical issue or just wanting to get feedback for your pitch deck...?
For innovation interested people: Would it be interesting to get the opportunity to support a startup / innovation project - become part of something big and in return be awarded points?

"next step"-mirror (not live yet)

As a startup, innovation project or a founder you are constantly in movement. You have to make decisions about the next steps... but which one is the right one? Why not benefiting from a huge pool of knowledge and questions - helping to challenge your thoughts and mirrors your situation?